– Contains a unique mixture. from herbal extracts which works in an integrated and synergistic manner for freshening and clearing of respiratory air ways

– Ideal and balanced formula during bird challenge with AI-IB- ILT as well infectious coryza, Mycoplasma and E. coli

– Stimulate the respiratory system for expelling viscous secretions which cause airway narrowing and greatly down the flock performance

– Increase serous type of secretions to reduce the viscosity and help in its expelling out of the bird.

– Stimulate up-ward cilliary movement with a cilio-protective action and preventing de-ciliation process

– Relieving effect of respiratory air ways to reduce sensation of irritation, nasal congestion and inflammation

– Affecting naso-receptors of upper respiratory tract to give sensation of cooling and freshening antagonizing pain sensation of inflammation.

Dosage: 1 ml / liter of drinking water.
Package: 1 liter.
Storage: keep in dry place, protected 
from direct light.