Composition Per Liter:-
Sodium Butyrate,
Vitamins and Electrolytes.

Diaravet contains highly selective balanced mixture of plants extracts, vitamins and electrolytes to treat and prevent the symptoms of infection of the gastrointestinal tract, leading to stopping of diarrhea.

Diaravet stops and relieves the symptoms of digestives disorders due to it is properties as antimicrobial agent.

Diaravet increase the appetite, feed intake and conversion rate. – Diaravet stimulate the immunity and improve the general vitality of the animal .

Diaravet also contains Vitamins and electrolytes to cover the dehydration result from diarrhea.

Diaravet has no resistance as in case of using the antibiotics.

Properties: 500 ml.
Dosage: 1 ml /5 liters of drinking water.
Storage: keep in dry place, protected from direct light.