Composition Per Liter

Potassium Citrate
Potassium Chloride
Sodium Chloride
Magnesium sulphate
Copper sulphate
Betain HCL
Citric Acid
Distilled water

170 gm
65 gm
120 gm
55 gm
15 gm
45 gm
15 gm
85 gm
120 gm

HEAT NIL… Provide the minerals K+, Na+ and Cl-which play essential roles in metabolism due to their participation in the osmotic balance, in the acid-base balance especially in heat stress

HEATNIL Cover the bad effects of heat stress such as
• Dehydration
• Increased cannibalism
• Carcass of down grading
• Layer flocks lay later and lay fewer eggs
• Severe drop in egg production with decrease in egg weight and quality
• Increases in water output and electrolyte loss
• Stress hormone increase in the blood lead to immune suppression
• In digestibility of feed with slowness in gut motility
• It may end with seizure, convulsion and death.

HEAT NIL … Maintaining the integrity of mechanisms that regulate the transport of substances across the cell membranes which have direct effect on acid base balance, affecting many metabolic functions, and therefore, broiler performance

Dosage: 1 ml /5 liters of drinking water.
Package: 1 liter.
Storage: keep in dry place, protected 
from direct light.