Composition: Each 1 liter Contains

Vitamin E (acetate)

Selenium (Sodium Selenite 44%)

Echinacea Purpurea

Propylene Glycol 

200 gm

800 mg

35 gm

up to liter

Provide a sufficient amount of both selenium and vitamin E covering the requirements of different ages and production stages and ensuring their vitality

Protect tissues from oxidative damage associated with the free radicals generated during metabolic processes

Markedly improves feed conversion ratio (FCR) as a result of lowering feed intake of birds while maintaining the same weight gain

– Enhances the ability of the poultry immune system by prolonging the functional life of phagocytes and enhancing their proliferation

– Maximizes the bird’s resistance to disease and optimize the optimal immune response to vaccinations through stimulation of humoral immune response and also cell mediated immune response through enhancing activity of B and T lymphocytes .

– Improves fertility and hatch ability and egg production in term of quality and quantity.

– The metabolism of selenium is closely linked to that of vitamin E, and signs of deficiency can sometimes be treated with either Selenium or Vit. E

– Encephalomalacia/ crazy chick disease.
– Exudative diathesis in young birds.
– Muscular dystrophy seen more frequently in older and mature birds.

Dosage: 1 ml /5 liters of drinking water.
Package: 1 liter.
Storage: keep in dry place, protected 
from direct light.